Location: Novello
Vineyard area: 3,5ha
Altitude: 380 m
Exposure: East – Southeast
Soil: clayey limestone, very compact, rich in minerals and limestone
Variety: Nebbiolo Michet


In Novello, within the Ravera Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva, we cultivate 3 and a half hectares of vineyards, of which one and a half hectares are planted with Nebbiolo. Ravera is a “magical” place for Barolo, which, thanks to soils rich in clay and limestone, acquires a noble, robust but elegant structure characterized by a rich aromatic profile. A distinctive trait of Ravera is its microclimate: the cool breeze blowing from the nearby Alps allow the ripening of the bunches (which are all clones of Nebbiolo Michet here), yielding grapes with unmistakable organoleptic characteristics

Barolo Ravera needs good aging times to best express itself: we have therefore decided to allot 4 years of aging, one more than the minimum allowed by the specification.

Like Lazzarito, Ravera also comes out exclusively during the best vintages and only if it corresponds to our standards of taste and expressiveness.

This vineyard yields

Barolo Docg Ravera

  • - vinified exclusively during the best vintages after meticulous quality control
  • - at least 4 years of aging